Why Trampoline Parks Are Perfect for Hosting Group Events?

November 15th, 2022

Restaurants, banquets, and picnics all seem like good options for a group gathering. But they are also plain, basic, and boring. There is no sense of excitement. There is no adventure. There is no fun. Once the buffet is eaten, is there anything else left to do? 

We know that groups can be hard to keep entertained for more than an hour. Once the first guest leaves, it'll only go downhill, leaving you with a room that emptied before you planned. What is the solution? A trampolining event. 

When you have more than a few people to entertain, you need something to keep them engaged. Since you can't be with every individual invitee at all times, you need an ice-breaker, something that will excite your guests and make them comfortable with each other without you playing the middleman. Trampolines are the perfect answer. And we will convince you why.

Trampolines take out the boring from group events.

Do you remember the last time you attended an event where you did not know more than a few people? Did it become uncomfortable for you after the first 15 minutes? Did you start plotting your escape soon after? We are sure you did, as we have many times. 

Now imagine there were trampolines at the event. Or even better, the event was at a trampoline park. Seeing people jumping and bouncing off the contraption would have instantly elevated the fun quotient of the evening. 

As far as ice-breakers are concerned, trampolines are high on the list. There aren't many bonds greater than the ones made during a joint fall. 

You don't need small talk. 

You don't have to bear awkward silences. 

You don't need to force a smile if you don't want to.  

With trampolines, laughter comes naturally. Conversations aren't necessary. And fun is all you experience.


School field trips; 

Corporate events; 

Team building events;

Any group event you can think of for any age group would be elevated if you organized it in a trampoline park. 

What can you expect from Altitude Birmingham group events? 

Our team at Altitude Birmingham loves planning group events. It's just more fun for us. All you need to do is tell us your intentions for the event and the expected number of guests, and we will take care of it all. 

We welcome all age groups with open arms and hearts. Whether big groups or small, the experience will be lively and great. If team building is your agenda, we have several group events that would justify your needs to perfection. At an Altitude group event, there will never be a dull moment. 

We ensure that all of our parties include everything you could possibly for an exhilarating trampoline experience. 

  • Two hours of continuous bounce and party time;
  • A shared party host to keep you entertained;
  • Your choice of Bottled Water or Juice Pouch for that additional kick of energy;
  • 1-topping pizzas, chicken fingers, or chicken fries based on your preference to keep the momentum going. 
  • Plates, napkins, and utensils to ensure that you can snack comfortably;
  • Party setup and cleanup to alleviate all the planning stress;
  • Safety jump socks for each paid guest because your safety is our priority;
  • One free jump pass for the birthday party boy/girl for a future visit because we believe in birthday gifts;
  • One free Altitude T-shirt for the birthday party boy/girl, that's so you always remember us.

If you want something extra special for your event, we have customizable private packages as well. You can choose to add people to your guest list or reserve a private room. 

So, are you and your loved ones prepared for some high-fly fun? If so, we are just a phone call away. Reach out to us at 205-619-6929. We recommend our customers sign an online waiver before coming to make the most out of their visit. We advise booking 10.00 am slots for children less than six years of age. We are waiting for your call.



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