5 Trampoline Park Birthday Party Ideas You Cannot Skip On This Year

April 5th, 2023

Your birthday is coming up, and the excitement is starting to build up. We know exactly how you are feeling with all the options you have been bouncing around to make your Trampoline park birthday party ideas a perfect event... 

Wait… What if you let your friends and family literally bounce off the walls at your birthday party? Now, that would be a birthday party to remember! Let’s make it happen at our trampoline park in Birmingham, where you and your party people can bounce off your excitement and energy to celebrate the beginning of another year of your life with a bang!

If you think that’s a good idea and are looking for a trampoline park birthday party near you, you have come to the right place. Our trampoline park birthday party ideas come with a range of activities and attractions that will make your day as lively and joyful as you want. So, let’s give you an idea of what you can do at the bouncy fun park.

  • Give flying a shot with our Foam Pit

From the time we first see a bird flying in the sky, we have always wondered how exciting it would be to fly, even for a few brief moments…or maybe just jump off a platform without the fear of getting hurt. Some part of you wanted to try it all your life, and we have just the opportunity to do just that. Our foam pit is designed to let you experience the thrill of flight without the consequences.

Gravity will pull you down, but the few seconds that you will be suspended in the air will be some of the best moments of your day. Your dive would be into a safety pit full of foam cubes. Is there a better way to say goodbye to the old you and welcome the new self? Maybe not. 

  • Get sporty at multiple games

If you are into sports, you will definitely enjoy celebrating your birthday at Altitude Trampoline Park, Birmingham. From extreme dodgeball and basketball to wall climbing, rolling log, and battle beam, the sportsperson in you will be satiated big time. So, get your friends and family together and make your birthday a day of friendly competing and winning!

  • Want to try acrobatics? Here’s your chance. 

Trampoline parks give you the opportunity to try your hand at acrobatics. When you are on a trampoline, high-flying stunts and maneuvers don’t seem so daunting because you know when you land, the soft surface of the trampoline won’t let you get hurt. This knowledge is all you need to let your dormant acrobat come to the surface. 

On our tumble tracks, you can challenge your fears and develop creativity in your moves to perform multiple jumps in succession. We love to see our jumpers master their front flips and backhand spring on this safe platform.

  • Let our tunnels, mazes, and slides bring in the thrill

Imagine a vast indoor playground area full of mazes, slides, tunnels, and climbing nets. And the goal is for you to slip…slide…crawl…and climb your way out. Sounds intriguing, right? We know it is.

This playground offers the perfect opportunity for fun and a challenge that’ll take your birthday party up a few notches. Who doesn’t love a good ol ‘round of fun? Kids love it, and so do adults. So, come and indulge in some fun.

  • Got kids? We know how to keep them entertained

Kids love to jump, bounce and play like there is no tomorrow. And we have endeavored to give them a space that will allow them to do just that and with the utmost safety. For us, your child’s safety is a priority, so we have appointed court monitors who will be present at all times to supervise the kids and ensure they are safe.

As for fun, our kid’s court provides an enjoyable and exciting mix of fun for your children to be active and make some unforgettable memories. Rest assured, our trampoline park birthday party ideas will be enough to keep your little one happy and satisfied. 

Altitude Trampoline Park, Birmingham, Still has More to Offer!

A trampoline birthday party at home won’t be as exciting as ours. Our birthday parties aren’t just about fun activities, we have so much more to offer to make your day a memorable one. 

  • We give you and your guests two hours of bounce and party time, that too with a personal party host to make you feel extra special.
  • We also take care of refreshments. From bottled water and juice pouches to chicken fingers or fries, you decide what you want.
  • We prioritize safety, and that’s why we provide safety jump socks for each of your guests.
  • We also give you freebies. An Altitude T-shirt for the birthday boy/girl to remember us by and a free jump pass as a reason to visit us again.

We understand your needs can be different, so all of our party packages are customizable. You can call us at 205-619-6929 or visit our website, to get your trampoline park birthday invitation.




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