Fun and unique team building activities for the workplace

June 3rd, 2022

Do you think your team lunches are boring and passive? Planning a team-building event for your team but not sure which activities are the best to include and which ones are plain gimmicks?

Well, office icebreakers can often end up feeling uncomfortable and forced. But we are here to make them fun, exciting, and, most importantly, an efficient team bonding experience. 

A field day is an event that focuses on teamwork: it is perfect for a company party or team offsite, even better if your employees have been working from home. It is a great way to bond with team members, refresh, and spend quality time away from the workplace. But choosing the right location with the right mix of activities is crucial to making your field day a success. 

Want to spice up your team bonding and work relationships? Here's everything you should look for to organize a successful team-building event with the most exciting activities. 

  • Choose a fun and unique location: While most offices plan field trips to break the pattern of working in the same place every day, they choose sites like nature centers, banquet halls, and picnic parks, which are not only dull, but the scorching heat during summers makes them an exhausting experience. Choosing the right location with a fun and unique theme and a truckload of exciting activities is the way to go! A place like a trampoline park is perfect for a corporate getaway. 
  • Fun, food, and music: Good food, good music, and good company are key to any successful outing. Playing music while commuting is not enough: ensure the place you go to has music to keep your energy levels up and yummy food for when hunger strikes. A trampoline park is a unique place to engage in fun and crank your team offsite up a notch. It is filled with fun activities, food, and music and is perfect for team building. Remember to pair up or divide employees into several teams and disperse different departments for more mingling. Offer exciting rewards like an extra vacation day for the team that earns the most points to induce excitement. 
  • Range of activities: Whether you're a startup owner or the HR manager for a big business, the activities you include in your event greatly influence its success. It is crucial to choose a place that offers a unique and exciting range of activities, so you and your team can engage in multiple activities and healthy competition. Altitude trampoline park offers many fun games and friendly competitions perfect for a corporate team outing. Foam pit, tumble tracks, extreme dodgeball, battle beam, trampoline basketball, monkey bars, and log rolls are some of the many activities the trampoline park offers. 
  • Good for the mind & body: A getaway should get you moving out of the office workplace and keep you active and on a roll. One of the best things about a fitness trampoline is that it is designed to target all muscle groups in the body. Jumping on a trampoline burns calories, builds strength, and is good for the heart. Activities like battle beams promote healthy competition, log rolls are great for achieving balance and stability, and a trampoline workout is also a mental health booster. A day at the trampoline park will make your team feel less stressed, happier, energized, and refreshed. 

Here are some reasons why Altitude Trampoline Park is an excellent location for corporate events where your team can celebrate jumps and maybe share a hearty laugh.

  • We help increase your team's productivity and performance
  • We help you improve employee communication and satisfaction manifold
  • You can grab a few action shots that we are sure would make the limelight in your office presentations

From playing music together while commuting to enjoying yummy snacks, playing the battle beam to jumping into foam pits, singing at the top of your voices, and tumbling on tumble tracks, there are many team-building activities you and your team can engage in while on your trampoline trip. So let's get creative and get rolling! 

Trampoline fitness, serotonin boost, and team building all at one place? We think it's a deal-maker. 



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