7 Fun and Exciting Things To Do on a Trampoline

August 3rd, 2022

Who doesn't like to have a good time? We guess no one. And trampolines are the perfect way to let all the stress and worries disappear. Simply jumping and bouncing off of its trappings is fun. However, when you add our box of tricks to your trampolines, you'll raise your fun quotient quite a bit. 

Here are some fascinating things you, your friends, and your family can do on a trampoline. 

  • Dodgeball

You must have played the standard dodgeball, but trust us when we say that trampoline dodgeball is more fun. With a group of your friends, you can make the most out of your trampoline experience. 

Pick two people to jump simultaneously while the rest of you try to hit them with a ball. Of course, you will calculate the points. One hit would mean one point. The first person to get to 10 points wins. 

You can make it even more fun by blindfolding the jumpers.

  • Basketball

When a basketball ring meets a trampoline, the game trumps skills for fun. The standard rules don't matter, nor does the standard placement of the rings. You can place them anywhere you want to and aim your shot while bouncing. 

Trust us when we say you don't have to be an expert to make a basket in this game's rendition. Even if you don't, you'll still have a great time. 

  • Gymnastics

Trampoline fun can't be complete without some good ole' gymnastics. Bouncing while flipping and showing your moves is a great way to impress your friends and delight in the game's competitiveness. 

A gymnastics standoff is much more fun than anything else. The most flips with a successful landing on the feet win. It is more suited for older kids and adults than small children, who have only had limited exposure to gymnastics. 

Trampoline gymnastics is one of the best kinds of visual sports. It would be a great addition to your trampoline birthday party.

  • Hot Potato

Another fun activity to do in a trampoline park is the hot potato. It's played with one player outside the trampoline and the rest of the people bouncing inside. The lone player outside would pass the ball to his bouncing friends, who have to try to keep passing it along without dropping the ball, the person who drops the ball first loses.

This game can be considered the opposite of dodgeball, where you seek to catch the ball instead of evading it.

  • Follow the Leader

The name of this game is pretty self-explanatory. We have played it as kids, and we have played as adults, but have you played it on a trampoline?

Forming a circle around the trampoline, the leader jumps in and bounces off his first move, then the next player would try to repeat it and add something of their own to it. Then the third person does the first two tricks along with their own and so on. The first person to mess up the routine loses. 

For a family trampoline day out, this is one of the most fun, and engaging options as people of all ages can play it.

  • Poison 

Played with more balls than players, this is a game that would have you rolling on the trampoline laughing. All the balls are thrown on the trampoline and assumed to be poison. And like any poison, you have to avoid it to survive. If a ball touches you, you are out. The last person standing, or shall we say bouncing, wins.

If you have kids, even toddlers, poison would be a great game to play with them at the trampoline park. The only rule is to not touch the ball, and a 2-year-old would have fun with that.

  • Jump and Grab

While on toddlers at a trampoline park, another game that is a hit with them is jump and grab. This is when you attach colorful ribbons or banners to a trampoline enclosure, and your kids must capture as many as possible to win.

It is fun for kids of all ages, but for preschoolers and pre-teens, it's more fun.


At Altitude Trampoline Park, you can do all these and much more. The possibilities for fun are limitless with a kid's court, a soft indoor playground, battle beams, and a reaction wall. Check out all of our attractions at altitudebirmingham.com.



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