Cool Tricks to do on a Trampoline

March 16th, 2023

Trampolining is a fun and healthy activity that can provide numerous health benefits. It is an excellent exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels. It can be a great way to improve cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, and bone density. here you can find some cool tricks to do on a trampoline.

In addition to being a great workout, trampolining is also a lot of fun. It is an enjoyable way to get active and it can be a great social activity with friends and family. Many trampoline parks offer a variety of other activities like arcade games, dodgeball, basketball, tumble tracks, foam pits, etc., making it a fun and exciting way to spend your day. But just jumping up and down on the trampoline can get a bit repetitive and boring, right? So, how can we make trampolining a little bit interesting? Here are some cool trampoline tricks to impress your friends and have truckloads of fun! 

Trampoline tricks list for beginners: 

The Seated Drop:

This is a great trick to start with if you're new to trampolining. Begin by sitting on the trampoline with your legs straight out in front of you. Then, lift your feet off the trampoline and keep your legs straight to land on your backside. Try to bounce as high as you can and repeat.

The 360:

This trick is for all of you who love to spin. Start by bouncing on the trampoline standing up and then spin your body 360 degrees in the air. Try to land facing the same direction from where you started. This trick needs a lot of practice, so don't worry if you don't get it right away.

Straddle Jump:

Jump up in the air, spread your legs apart into a straddle position, and then bring them back together before landing.

The Superman:

This is one of the top Tricks for awesome Trampoline park fun. This trick is about extending your body as much as possible. Start bouncing and then extend your arms and legs as if you are flying like Superman. Hold this position for a few seconds before landing back on the trampoline. Remember to keep your hands and legs straight out. 

The Front Flip:

This is an advanced trampoline trick for those who want to kick it up a notch. You'll need a bit of experience on the trampoline for this trick. Start by jumping on the trampoline, tuck your knees to your chest, and do a forward flip. Make sure you keep your head tucked in to avoid injury. Try to land on your feet, but don't worry if you don't get it right at first.

The Backflip:

This trick is similar to the front flip, but you are flipping backwards instead of forward. Start by bouncing up a few times and leaning back slightly. As you reach the top of your bounce, tuck your knees up your chest and flip backward. Again, try to land on your feet, but don't worry if you need to practice a few times.

Toe Touch:

Jump up in the air, and touch your toes with your hands before landing back on the trampoline.

Half Twist:

Jump on the trampoline, and while in the air, twist your body 180 degrees, then land back on the trampoline.

Knee Drop:

Similar to the seat drop, but instead of landing on your butt, land on your knees and bounce back immediately.

Cool tricks to do on a trampoline by yourself

Do try out these cool tricks to do on a trampoline as a beginner. Even if you have little experience, there are plenty of fantastic tricks for people of all levels to try out. These amazing acrobatic stunts can be  mastered with proper practice, balance, and safety precautions. So if you want to break away from the mundane bouncing routine, use this guide to discover some unique and cool tricks to do on a trampoline by yourself.

Have fun & stay safe while learning and jumping 

Remember, safety should always come first when you're on a trampoline. Ensure proper supervision, use a trampoline with a safety net, and always warm up before attempting any tricks. Happy bouncing!

Ready to take your trampoline skills to the next level? Our trampoline park in Birmingham, Alabama offers the perfect environment to try out some cool tricks! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced trampolinist, our friendly staff will guide you through the best tricks to try. Don't miss out on the fun - contact us today to book your trampoline park experience!



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