3 ways a trampoline park can help you promote your business.

January 18th, 2023

You’ve all heard about street marketing. It is an age-old method of promoting businesses and products that started all the way back in 1986. If you own a business or are involved in marketing, you might even have tried it. It creates awareness while making you connect with your audience on a personal level. They see the real you while you see the real them.

Trampoline parks give you the opportunity to do just that. A trampoline park brings out fun and excitement in people, and that’s important when you are looking to build connections. 

Let’s understand how a trampoline park really helps you. 

  • Give a first-hand experience with your brand. 

Modern-day consumers have increased product knowledge and expect excellence every time. Promoting your products in a location the consumers can experience them through real-life participation is bound to incline them in your favor.

Imagine an energy drink brand comes to a trampoline park to promote its new drink and they are providing free samples. By doing this, they are putting their brand in their consumers' world and giving them an opportunity to try it out. Jumping on our trampolines can require an extra boost of energy. 

  • Tap into a broader demographic. 

Trampoline parks see people of all age groups, economic backgrounds, and preferences. From 10-year-olds that their parents' chaperone to the 20-something newly employed, our trampolines are fit for everyone. This means we give you the chance to reach a wider audience in a single campaign.

You’ll be able to communicate with your target audience in their zone and create buzz around your products, brand, and the values you stand for.

  • Leverage two-way communication.

The art of selling lies in the perfect pitch. In the more commonly adopted strategies, you use surveys and questionnaires to market your business and talk about what you do, and the audience just listens. 

But trampoline parks aren’t about conventions. They make your pitch perfect because you get to involve your audience. For instance, let’s assume you are in the trekking business. It’s one that people will always have questions and doubts about. You might have people who want to take it up, but the lack of knowledge and confidence makes them hesitant. These are people waiting for you to convert them. And when you give a direct line of communication, such as a campaign in a trampoline park, you get yourself new customers who have the potential to be loyal because they know you listen and not just talk.

Why choose Altitude Birmingham as your marketing destination?

Our park follows strict protocols to ensure the safety of our customers. That is why our jumpers aren’t satiated with a single visit. Our base of loyal customers trusts our park to give them one of the best experiences of their life. And when you come to us to promote your business, you’ll be piggybacking off that trust and loyalty. 

With hundreds of jumpers every day and even more on weekends, you can interact and connect with them and make our jumpers your potential customers. 

When you are done with that, we also offer corporate events to let you and your team celebrate their wins with jumps and share a hearty laugh. Whether planning an epic team outing or an employees’ appreciation event, Altitude Trampoline Park is an indoor experience that lets you organize the finest day ever.

We are the place where you can acquire many new customers and keep your teams momentum on the high. Contact us at 205-619-6929 or visit our website altitudebirmingham.com for more information. 



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